The U.L.T.R.A (Utterly Linked Tower Ripping Ambush) is a blimp that takes 191,000 hits to

pop the outer layer and releases 4 G.Z.O.D.s. it parent is N/A. first appears on round ??? (it only appears in special missions). Speed is 13 times slower than a red bloon. Goes faster after time. It has the following abilities:

1. Uses the propellor barrels to use their nets on 2 towers which make them not shoot at all and it gets destroyed after the U.L.T.R.A is destroyed. Can only be used once.

2. Uses its mouth to blast a laser which stuns towers for 10 seconds. Shown in picture.

3. Uses it's eyes to blast on a tower which makes the tower shoot backwards until the round is ended.

4. Uses the part that covers the no monkey symbol to follow on the strongest tower and the tower shoots -25 slower, has -20 popping power for 1 minute.




  • The yellow arrows make it move faster.
  • The black line next to the yellow square gives it a big number of hits to pop because it's a shield.
    • It won't use ability 1 until this shield is destroyed/cracked.

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