T.O.M (Tough Ornery Monstosity)

  • T.O.M specializes in toughness. Sure, he's not very fast and he doesn't do a lot of damage but he takes a massive beating. He has 1 000 000 HP and releases 30 Unstoppable Golds when popped.His only attack is Titanium Canon,which shoots a canon ball that deals 20 damage + 10% of the tower's maximum health.Will prioritise towers with a lot of health.T.O.M moves as fast as blue bloon
  • T.O.M looks like a green coloured M.O.A.B with an image of a golden armor in the middle.

F.R.E.D (Fast Red Enormous Deathbloon)

  • F.R.E.D is really fast!He zooms around at the speed of light (well,in bloon terms) and will rush as fast as he can to the finish!He is rather fragile though,and doesn't hit very hard.He has 18 000 HP and releases 60 Speedy charge bloons when popped.His only attack is Speed Barrage,which shoots projectiles to every tower placed,dealing 8 damage to every tower!F.R.E.D moves as fast as a Purple Bloon.
  • F.R.E.D looks like a red coloured M.O.A.B with an image of 10 winged boots in the middle.

H.A.R.R.Y (Heavily Armed Representor of the Rebelling Youth)

  • H.A.R.R.Y really packs a punch.He once accidentally hit F.R.E.D,and well, all I can say is that that's why F.R.E.D only has 18 000 HP.Fortunately for the monkeys,H.A.R.R.Y isn't that tough.Nor is he very speedy.H.A.R.R.Y has 50 000 HP and releases 20 spanwer Assassin ceramics when popped.His only attack is Tower Assassin,which deals 50 damage to 2 towers.H.A.R.R.Y moves as fast as a yellow bloon.
  • H.A.R.R.Y looks like a blue coloured M.O.A.B with an image of an ruby fist in the middle.

Extreme T.O.M,F.R.E.D and H.A.R.R.Y

  • They've done some beefing up and now are even stronger:
    • T.O.M. now has an Unstoppable status,moves as fast as green bloon and his titanium canon attack does 30 damage + 20% of the tower's maximum HP!It still targets towers with a lot of HP.And has 3 000 000 HP.
      • Extreme T.O.M. is shiny,his image of the suit of armour is bigger and there is a shield leaning on the armour.there is a faint green aura around him.
    • F.R.E.D now has a Speedy status, has 25 000 HP and his Speed Barrage does 13HP damage to all towers!
      • Extreme F.R.E.D. is now on fire,leaves a trail of dust behind and his image of winged boots also has a trail of dust behing them.
    • H.A.R.R.Y. now has an Assassin status,has 75 000 HP and deals 75 damage to 3 towers!Still moves as fast as a yellow bloon.
      • H.A.R.R.Y has electricity running around him and his image of an iron fist now has spikes.

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