The Siege AeroStat is an Aerostat-class bloon with 2 000 000 HP.It looks like a green M.O.A.B without a tail rotor.It fires ceramic bloons at your towers,but they don't do any damege,and they only serve to create a diversion,so that your towers attack the brown bloons,not what's supposed to be coming.If it is destroyed,it drops a cargo of 1 D.R.I.L.L on the spot where it was on screen.When it's pushed,it moves at the speed of \frac {Sum Of All Speeds Of Pushing Bloons}9 and has a rbe of 2 080 000.

  • 2 000 000 + 10 000 + 5 * 680 + 2220 * 30 = 2 080 000 Rbe

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