Battle island I is a feature that can let you battle with other users.

The reward you get if you beat everyone is: 25000 Gems and MM , Next Rank , 200 AP , 15 Omeganium

It will be unlocked at Rank 35

user monkey money reward when beaten                      TRACK
Martynas Šalčiūnas 20000 MOAB mauler bloon speed
Raindrop57 15000 MOAB mauler bloon speed
ItsBloonTasty 14500 the cards
Planterobloon 14320 nyany fly
GLaDOSPortal 14000 minecraft world
Exploding Banana 7850 pool of god
Lol Limewire 6625 MOAB mauler bloon speed
Bloonstdfan360 5500 the cards
Leonardo Vergara Concha 4200 nyany fly
Dinner111 3010 the cards
Lemirt456 2400 minecraft world
Glaive Lord 2100 space trouble
Xanderblack3000 1990 MOAB mauler bloon speed
Blnoriel 1500 pool of god
Dragonvaledaily123 1000 the cards
Meta07 500 nyany fly
TATemporaryAaron1101 400 pool of god
AlthaBlade 250 minecraft world
Anomalous13 100 minecraft world
Genu and Anon 202 -TREE(3) white moab