Rank 1:Dart Monkey

Rank 2:Tack Shooter

Rank 3:Sniper Monkey

Rank 4:Boomerang Thrower

Rank 5:Ninja Monkey

Rank 6:Bomb Tower

Rank 7:Ice Tower

Rank 8:Glue Gunner

Rank 9:Monkey Buccaneer

Rank 10:Monkey Ace

Rank 11:Super Monkey

Rank 12:Monkey Apprentice

Rank 13:Monkey Village

Rank 14:Banana Farm

Rank 15:Mortar Tower

Rank 16:Shield Generator

Rank 17:Dartling Gun

Rank 18:Spike Factory

Rank 19:Monkey Engineer

Rank 20:Bloonchipper

Rank 21:Heli Pilot

Rank 22:Time Leaper

Rank 23:Bubble Gunner

Rank 24:Monkey Tank

Rank 25:Lead Missile Cannon

Rank 26:Danmaku Monkey

Rank 27:Water Monkey

Rank 28:Tesla Gunner

Rank 29:Black Void Shooter

Rank 30:Minecraft Monkey

Rank 31:Sword Monkey

Rank 32:Bloonouflauger

Rank 33:Tack Spammer

Rank 34:Card Thrower

Rank 35:Shaitan

Rank 36:Peashoter

Rank 37:Fruit-pult

Rank 38:Pineapple factory

Rank 39:Nut

Rank 40:Corn cannon

Rank 41:Plant-o-combine

Rank 42:blaster

Rank 43:Googolplex take downer

Rank 44:Facepalm monkey

Rank 45:Facepalm Monkey


post youre ideas in comments

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